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Exhausting day

Posted on November 13th, 2009 by thenmozly in Daily

Today is a last day for my semester.  Suppose to be a more relax and relieve day. But in the reality, i feeling exhausted due to last minutes submission of students assignments and projects. I have tried many ways to motivate students to submit their work earlier, but the effort has no avail. So lesson learnt no expectation. It only leads you frustration!


Posted on July 13th, 2008 by thenmozly in Daily

Every Time you say a silent “thank you” you become more peaceful-and more powerful.

Adapted from Happiness Now.

Author: Andrew Matthews

Home sweet home:)

Posted on April 13th, 2008 by thenmozly in Daily, Uncategorized

can you imagine that i’m working on Sunday! Oh yeah, did i tell u that i hv backlog work need to be finished before i can celebrate Puthandu:)

Manage to clean the house yesterday. Just left things to buy for the prayer. You may ask me if there is naything special;) hmm…what else can be special rather than goin to temple with hubby:) I’m looking forward for this evening to go to temple. I’m always overjoyed whenever my hubby said, ok lets go to temple! I’m still not sure if i’m wearing new clothes. I didn’t buy any. But i remember i have some new sarees hanging there in my cupboard for few yrs..hmm..maybe this is the best time to wear it. How about hubby? oh yeah he has some new shirt too;)

So guys, how about u’ll? any plan thsi evening?

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