Pizza anyone?

Posted on October 7th, 2007 by thenmozly in cooking

Since pizza is my family’s favorite, i thought of baking it myself. The venture began on Saturday. After watching Jemie Olivers programme on Tv, i got confidence in trying out the pizza recipe.Let me share the recipe with you..

First of all for the pizza base, you must have the following items:

1 kilogram all purpose flour or strong bread flour
1 tsp (30 grams) sugar
1tsp (30 grams) salt
1 tsp dried yeast
500 milliliters) water
2 tablespoons olive oil

Step 1

Put the flour onto a work surface or use a bowl, if you are short of space. Using your fingers, make a big well in the middle of the flour. Add the sugar, salt and yeast then pour in the water and olive oil. Using a fork, make circular movements from the center moving outwards, slowly bringing in more of the flour until all the yeast mixture is soaked up. This should be starting to look like dough now so you can start to work and knead it until it is smooth. This should take around 4 minutes. Roll out to a sausage shape and divide into 8 or 10 balls, depending on how large you want the pizzas to be. Flour the surface and roll each pizza out to about the thickness of 3 beer coasters (1/3 of an inch). They don’t have to be perfectly round, they should look home-made. Place each pizza on a lightly oiled and floured piece of tin foil. Flour the top of the pizza, placing another on top of it. Flour that and repeat this until all the pizzas are stacked together. These can be frozen for a couple of months, placed in the fridge for 10 hours, or cooked straight away. Lightly top with your chosen topping (the simpler the better) and bake directly on the oven bars for 10 minutes at your oven’s highest temperature.

Step 2

8 plum tomatoes
Sprinkle dried oregano
Drizzle olive oil
For enough to cover eight bases, chop and de-seed plum tomatoes, dry with kitchen paper, sprinkle with a little dried oregano and a drizzle of olive oil.
Various topping ingredients:
Sliced mozzarella
Rocket (Arugula)
Sun-dried tomatoes
Artichoke hearts

Chiken, Prawns, squid, anchovies etc.
Any interesting cheeses – use your imagination
 (modified from Jamie Oliver’s recipe).

The pizza turned out to be good and tasty too. Imagine, my hubby manage to finish 2 regular size pizzas..and now he asking when i’m going baking it again;) Check the pics here


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2 Responses to “Pizza anyone?”

  1. wow, thanks for your recipe.

    really looks yummy.

    mayb u might wana try mine, very simple though . . .

    1. bread
    2. pasta tomatoe puree
    3. canned chilli tuna
    4. grinded cheese

    1. spread the tomatoe puree onto the bread
    2. sprinkle the cheese onto the bread.
    3. spread the tuna on top
    4.sprinkle the cheese on top again
    5. leave in the toaster for about 10 mins

    there you are,a very simple pizza

    hope u like it


  2. hmm.. looks yummy 🙂

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