Feng Shui vs Vasthu Sastra

Posted on January 30th, 2008 by thenmozly in Feng Shui, Vasthu Sastra

I’ve have been reading Feng Shui and Vasthu Sastra related articles since 2 yrs. The more i read, the more confused i become :\

Last weekend, good friend of mine gave me free ticket to the Joey Yap Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar at KLCC Convention centre. Since i had time and interest i attended the seminar. Though the seminar has widen my knowledge on Feng Shui but left me with many questions in myself!

Joey Yap told me, i can’t follow both. So now i’m wondering, which one i should follow? Feng Shui or Vasthu Sastra?

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3 Responses to “Feng Shui vs Vasthu Sastra”

  1. I’m never bothered about this feng shui stuff. very subjective suggestions. and the more i know about them the more i’d built this belief into my system, which will in turn change my belief. At the end of the day, I adhere to their principle due to reinforcing of the principles into my brain, not because it’s right or wrong.

  2. Hi Enbarani,

    Thnx for your comments:)As you said, the more a person exposing him or herself to these stuffs, the more convinced are they about them.

  3. Dear thenmozly,

    first off, i am happy that u have taken time to consider this question rather than brush it off like so many “modern indians” today.

    I am also glad that u got to attend Joey Yap s version of Feng Shui(classical feng shui) rather than the the other more “pop”ular gadget based ones. Joey’s much closer to vasthu shastra actually.

    As a one time sceptic turned believer of vaasthu shastra, i wud urge u to read the book by one Dr. Hari which scientifically
    explains and validates vasthu.

    Write me and i too would be able to share with u seemingly modern day miracles attributed to vasthu right here in Malaysia. This may help u to appreciate and look at the shastras in a better light.


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