Glorious Malaysia:)

Posted on September 5th, 2007 by thenmozly in Malaysia, Personal

My alarm is ringing indicating, time to wake up. It is 5.38am, where everyone is enjoying their sleep. But for me, i got to wake up early since i promised my hubby that i will joining him for the Merdeka Parade.

After leaving our house around 6.15am, we manage to reach KL sentral at 6.45am. After parking our car at KL sentral, we caught the train to KL station. It only took us about less than 10 minutes to reach the Dataram Merdeka. My hubby left me all alone to join his team mates for marching. Luckily i have my Camera and Video camera to keep me busy. I can see the crowd increasing as the clock ticks. The parade started around 8am. The participants of the parade were looking good with their smartly dressed attire. Among the marchers were the German Sherpard police dog unit and the Horses:)

The parade ended around 10.30am. As the sun was burning my skin, i rushed to the LRT station to catch a train back to KL Sentral. It was tiring but worth the effort to wake up in the morning and join the parade.Check the pics here


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  1. i just came for a visit after reading poobalan sir blog…seems like both of you blog, nice pictures.Keep writing i will visit when i have time.

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