Mystique Malacca Day 1

Posted on September 3rd, 2007 by thenmozly in Personal

It has been 2 yrs since i visited this wonderful place. So this trip to Malacca is a much awaited chance to catch up with things in Malacca. At first, after our dinner at the hotel, myself, Poobalan, Ananthi and Guru decided to go to Jonker Walk. After much effort, Guru managed to find the way out to Jonker Walk. Since it is already 10.30pm, the crowd at Jonkers was lesser than usual. I was excited to come again to Jonker Walk. I was impatient to visit the shops, since i can see the sign of traders moving starting to pack their stuff. But at other hand, Ananthi and her hubby were like half-dead, walking and dragging themself along the Jonker walk..hahahah..hmm..they must be tired..but i was wondering why not me:) Maybe bcos i was saving my energy during the hunt..hahaah

Meanwhile, i couldn’t see the sight of my hubby. Oh no..where has he gone?..somebody abducted him? My legs were moving fast looking for hubby..oh there he was..taking some pictures of the beca…what a relief!!! After a long walk, we thought of resting our legs for a while. Ahhh, thank God we could see a small stall that was selling cold drinks, abc, ais kacang and mee kari..yummy..

Though i was full, i was tempted to try the mee kari. Without much hesitation, i called for a bowl of Mee Kari. It was yummy, but i could barely finish it. As usual, hubby controlled his diet and basically he was watching me slurrping the Mee kari;) hehehe…

Hmm, i could see Ananthi and Guru enjoying their ABC and cendol…

What else, time to return to hotel….all of us were damn tired…

We reached the hotel abt 1pm…Without much noise 4 us went to bed and were soon sound asleep:)

to be continued…day 2 …continue reading Day 2 orĀ  meanwhile enjoy the pictures below:


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