Mystique Malacca Day 2

Posted on September 3rd, 2007 by thenmozly in Personal

continued from day 1….

teee..teee…sound of my alarm ringing…i must be in my dreams….again a sound..but a different one…tone of my hubby’s phone ringing…

i can hear very slow, my hubby talking to someone. After a while, as usual he is calling my name, Then..Then..Then…hmm…after much struggle with my sleep i am awaken with my hubby’s voice. Oh no, it is already 9am. So embarrassing, i told Ananthi i will be the first one to wake up:( looks like i’m the loser..sob!sob! nevermind, there will be always a next time…

After getting ready, we both headed to the Straits Meridian Hotel’s Restaurant for our breakfast. I could see many people there enjoying their breakfast. from far, i could see Ananthi, Guru and Prema having their breakfast..

Hmm..i can see Ananthi winking at me;) there was total silence…loser be quiet…

After taking our breakfast, four of us went back for a short nap, but end up talking non-stop. After a while Guru went missing. He must be sleeping. Ananthi and me were talking for quite long..sharing some girls talk…

After some time , she felt tired too. Maybe it’s because she’s talking to me;) hope not…

She went to her bed for a short nap…

what i want to do now? while i’m thinking, i could hear the phone ringing..the voice sounds familiar.. i gotcha Asohan…he trying to trick me…but he failed. He was reminding us to come to the lobby..actually he is looking for Ananthi. Since Ananthi is the treasurer, she must settle the hotel bill 🙂

After packing our things we went to the reception to check out. Around 1.30pm we managed to check out and went to Jonker Walk.

We parked our car at nearest point to the Christ Church. We managed to capture few pictures near the man made windmill. It was such a breathtaking sight at the windmill since there were some yellowish flowers planted around the windmill. Since the heat was burning our skin, we rushed to cross the busy street to go over to the Christ Church and The Stadthuys. Before climbing up The Stadthuys, we stopped by the ice cream man. To soothe our throats, we bought some ice cream…

We took about 2 hour to go around the Stadthuys Museum Complex which includes (History and Ethnography Museum, Literature Museum,Admiral Cheng Ho’s Gallery, The Governor’s Museum and The Museum of Government Democracy ). The visit was something like walking through my memory lane coz i visited this place while in primary school. The place looked the same but with different crowd 🙂 The breezy and cool wind make my feel relaxed. Wish i could stay longer…But then, I have a good feeling now, i will be back again soon.

We were climbing down the hill and went straight to enjoy the cendol by the Christ Church roadside. We enjoyed the cendol and headed for our lunch. We manage to find a shop that sell Chicken Rice Ball which is a famous dish in Malacca. After we enjoyed our lunch at Afamosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant, we left for KL. We reached KL around 8pm.

The trip was wonderful with the great buddies i had 🙂 Definitely i’m looking for another trip soon:)

Find the pictures here


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