Financial Freedom!

Posted on April 20th, 2008 by thenmozly in Financial Planning, Uncategorized

Financial Freedom! Say those two words to yourself; savour them mentally, even as you vocalise their five syllables.

At the dawn of the 21st century, each of us has the right to dream of a better future. Here in Public Mutual, we play a major role in clothing such dreams with muscle and sinew for our 500,000 (and counting) investors. The concept of Financial Freedom is integral to our long-term focus.

So, what precisely do we mean by that catch phrase? Two things.

From your perspective, achieving financial freedom means building an investment portfolio successful enough to generate sufficient passive income to cover all expenses. The moment you achieve this state, you will no longer be shackled to a job you hate. You can choose to follow the dictates of your heart and labour only at what fills you with passion and significance. It is, we think, the best way for you to leave a lasting legacy.

From Public Mutual’s vantage point, Financial Freedom is tightly intertwined to our branding as a Malaysia’s leading private unit trust management company. Thus far, we have created four distinct products under this banner: Two books, each of which has risen to the status of Malaysian bestseller, and two CD-ROMs. (The net proceeds flow into our Financial Freedom Charity Drive that continues to help dozens of worthy causes.


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